As this website is no longer active, and contains no functionality, substantial elements within these terms no longer have application and are being exhibited for historical reference only.


These MEMBERSHIP TERMS were in effect as of May 10th, 2010.

Agreement made upon enrollment in EasySaver RewardsSM (the "Club") between the Administrator of EasySaver RewardsSM, Regent Group, Inc d/b/a Encore Marketing International®/ Encore®. P.O. Box 256, Lanham, Maryland 20706 (the Club "Administrator"), and EasySaver RewardsSM member ("You").


Membership in the Club is offered pursuant to a variety of membership plans. Membership fees are those that apply in relation to the plan offer You accepted and are related to your membership term. Your Club membership is a monthly billed membership plan.

Your membership is accompanied by an introductory 30-day trial period, for which You will be charged a nominal introductory fee. You may cancel your membership during your trial period, with no further obligation, by calling the Club's disclosed toll-free customer service number. Otherwise, upon expiration of your trial period, your membership will automatically be extended to continue on a month to month ongoing basis and the monthly membership fee disclosed to You within the offer You accepted will be automatically billed to the designated credit card or other billing source authorized by You at the time You enrolled. The membership fee billed each month will be to the same account authorized by You to be billed, where applicable, the nominal trial period fee. The Club reserves the discretion to change the monthly membership fee commencing after your first year of membership.

If the Club is unable at any time to bill its membership fee to your specified billing source because it has declined billing, You agree that the Club may, at its option, make re-attempts to bill the transaction or divide the fee otherwise to be billed into incremental charges provided the total amount of such charges do not exceed in total the amount of the membership fee that the Club was unable to bill, which the Club may do for one or more membership fee charges it has otherwise been unable to bill. In such case, should the Club within a thirty day period after a declined transaction be unable to receive from You in full through your designated billing source the membership fee otherwise due, The Club may, at its option, suspend your right to access all of the Club membership benefits until such time as it is able to bill the outstanding charge(s) to your designated billing source. The Club may also, at its option, if it is unable at any time to bill its membership fee to your designated billing source, terminate your membership without notification.

Right to Cancel Membership: You have the right at any time to cancel your membership and terminate further billing by calling the Club toll-free.


As a member of the Club, You will have access to savings, discounts, and other benefits on specified products and services offered by third party product and service providers and suppliers who are independent from the Administrator. You will also as a member of the Club have access to discounts, savings and other benefits on specified travel, leisure and entertainment related purchases made through the Administrator or through third party providers who are independent from the Administrator who have agreed to make their services and benefits available to Club members at preferred rates. Availability of emergency cash and airline tickets to members stranded away from home without their credit cards due to their being lost or stolen is conditioned upon verification of available credit on a bank card account. The Administrator acts solely as the coordinator of the Club benefits and is not a merchant, vendor, manufacturer, or supplier of any product or service ordered by You, nor will it at any time have title to any product ordered. You are responsible for your selection and any providers chosen. Club benefits terminate automatically without further notice, upon termination of membership. The Club reserves the right to change, alter or amend membership benefits, including any provider, service, product or brand and including effecting withdrawal of any cash back rebate or other offer, at any time, and to provide notice to You via its customer service or otherwise if and when You seek to utilize such services or benefits or obtain them from such parties, with no requirement of further notice. Transactions from which rebates are issued must be for the personal use and benefit of the member. The Administrator reserves the right to require proof of personal use as it deems appropriate. You must be an active, paid in full member at the time You apply to us for any cash back rebate made available by the Club and at the time it is remitted/provided. The Administrator reserves the right to impose additional limitations on the maximum dollar amount of any individual rebate or total of all rebates which may be issued to You from the Club during any term of membership.


The Club, as the coordinator of membership benefits, has made every attempt to verify the accuracy of information provided, but cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions in any materials provided to you including typographical errors. THE CLUB, ITS ADMINISTRATOR, MARKETER(S), PROMOTER(S), AND SPONSOR(S) MAKE NO WARRANTY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, WITH RESPECT TO THE MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS, THE PRODUCTS OR SERVICES PURCHASED BY YOU THROUGH THE CLUB OR INFORMATION PROVIDED TO YOU. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THE CLUB, ITS ADMINISTRATOR, MARKETER(S), PROMOTER(S) AND SPONSOR(S) HAVE NO LIABILITY TO YOU AS A SELLER OF ANY PRODUCTS OR SERVICES PROVIDED OR MANUFACTURED BY OTHERS, INCLUDING NO RESPONSIBILITY OR LIABILITY IN CONNECTION WITH THE SERVICES OF ANY MERCHANT, TRAVEL PROVIDER OR TRANSPORTATION CARRIER, OR OTHER SUPPLIER OF SERVICES AND PRODUCTS, NO RESPONSIBILITY OR LIABILITY FOR DEFECTIVE OR NONCONFORMING PRODUCTS OR SERVICES, OR DELAYS IN DELIVERY, OR FOR ANY FAILURE BY ANY PRODUCT OR SERVICE PROVIDER OR SUPPLIER TO HONOR THE APPLICABLE DISCOUNT OR OTHER TERMS OF ANY OFFER. WE WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES. If You encounter a problem with any discount, product, or service, the Club will always try to assist You in resolving the matter. However, the cancellation of your Club membership and refund of the paid membership fee for the current membership term is understood to be your sole recourse. Any dispute arising between You and the Club, if not resolved between us, shall You agree, be submitted solely to binding arbitration in the State of Maryland administered by the American Arbitration Association under its rules then in effect, with Maryland law to apply.


Your membership is non-transferable and is limited to You, your spouse, and dependent children. Membership limited to one per family household. Be sure by your membership fee payments to keep your membership current because the Club and participating product and service providers and suppliers will not honor a membership card or number that has expired. Your membership card and other forms of identification should be carried by You at all times to provide proof of the right to receive the services, discounts and savings made available to you through your membership. The Administrator reserves the right to cancel your membership at any time for fraud or abuse of member privileges or any other reason which in the discretion of the Administrator justifies such course of action. Please notify us promptly should there be any unauthorized use of your membership card or number. YOU ACCEPT BY YOUR MEMBERSHIP IN THE CLUB AND USE OF ITS BENEFITS ITS TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF MEMBERSHIP AS SET FORTH HEREIN. These MEMBERSHIP TERMS may be revised from time to time so you should periodically return and review these MEMBERSHIP TERMS for any changes.


Images and logos appearing within Club materials or web pages describing the Club are for illustrative purposes. The trademarks and service marks of parties other than those of the Administrator appearing therein (including brand and product names and logos) are the trademarks or service marks and property of third parties. Such marks where exhibited are intended to refer specifically to the products and services of such parties that are indicated as being available for purchase by Club members. The appearance of such marks does not suggest or imply any sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement of the Club by the trademark or service mark owner.


Service Administrator
P.O. Box 256
Lanham, MD 20706